Margaret Scott

margpicMargaret Scott was born in Opunake, Taranaki in 1947 and has lived all her life on the Taranaki coast.

Margaret describes her work as personal symbolism, as it is based on personally acquired and assimilated experiences of her life and the environment where she lives. This environment, between the mountain, Mt Egmont/Taranaki, and the Taranaki coastline she reflects in symbols of the area.

Shellfish such as paua and the sea feature strongly in her work as it symbolises the memories of her childhood of growing up on the coast at Oaonui, and the coastal environment.

For 35 years Margaret lived on a Dairy farm with her husband Ian, and bought up their 4 children, painted and helped with the running of the farm. The paintings of cows reflect this time in her life.

She taught polytechnic and art night classes in the early years when her children were young and then for 10 years she was HOD of Art at Opunake High School.

She now lives at Oakura, which is a coastal village 10 minutes south of New Plymouth and has built a studio next to her new home where she runs workshops for adults and extension classes for students.

Her work now also focuses on the views she has of the Kaitaki ranges and the native plants in her garden such as nikaus, pukas, flax and cabbage trees, and of course the beautiful views of the sea. Her new environment is an abundant resource for creative ideas.

Margaret paints mainly in acrylics, does some watercolours but she also loves mixed media and creating textural works. She alternates her media so she does not become bored with her work.

She has produced many commissioned works and is the designer of the Jason Products placemats the ‘Sea Bounty’ series, which are marketed through out New Zealand and overseas. She has a large range of prints and cards for sale produced from her original work.

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